CityTrip Danzig

2013: "CityTrip Danzig" Guidebook

Gdansk Guidebook for individual tourists recommended us twice: on pages 26 and 100.

"in Oliwa district just before getting back to the Old Town one can fill up on coffee (...) While having an aromatic Cappuccino you can easily get a few wonderful gifts"

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2 Bieg Oliwski

13.10.2013: prize sponsor - "2 Bieg Oliwski"

The route of II Oliwa Run passed just next to the Coffee Hill in Oliwa. For this reason we prepared packets of Oliwska Coffee as prizes for the run participants.

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30. August 2013:

3. website recommends visiting our coffee roasting plant in the article 'Tutaj możesz zobaczyć, jak wypala się kawę'. [Here you can see how the coffee is roasted]

"In Tricity there are a few small roasting plants where coffee beans are roasted in a traditional way. Flemming Cafe in Oliwa is one of them. Visitors can watch how coffee is roasted on the premises and taste different varieties of coffee from all around the world."

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24-25. August 2013: Gazeta Wyborcza, tricity

Gazeta Wyborcza: "Flemming Cafe is not a typical cafe, the place specialises in coffee roasting and sells coffee beans from all corners of the world."


10. January 2013:

In deluxe section we talked about the search for a perfect coffee.

"They are costly and it isn't easy to get and import their beans. They are adored by connoisseurs worldwide - their ideally balanced flavour and aroma is all that is expected from the dark brew. The best coffee in the world are really worth trying, you may find your favourite, perfect one among them. We set off on a journey along Tricity coffee route."

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8. June 2012:

"admiring the old buildings, among them a 17th century mill we reach Rybińskiego street, where you can (...) taste freshly roasted coffee in Cafe Flemming."

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March 2010: Dobre Wiadomości nr 3-4/2010

"The place is permeated with a splendid fragrance - the coffee is roasted on the spot.(...) "Starogdańska" or "Oliwska" coffee may be a nice present and a souvenir from Gdańsk."

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"It is one of the first such places on the map of Tricity. In the roasting plant in Oliwa it will be possible to watch the process of coffee roasting in a special machine imported from Germany."

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