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Recommended grind size: Fine Medium Coarse


How should coffee be ground?

This is one of the questions we ask our customers once they have decided which coffee they want. Our goal is to enable everyone to make the most of the selected coffee at home or in the office. To reach the desired goal and full satisfaction it is essential to grind the coffee properly. Only then can we be sure that while brewing the subtlest aromas and flavours will be extracted without the unwanted tartness or bitterness. Not only the quality of coffee beans is responsible for the taste of the brew. It is important what we do with it and how much attention we pay to it after roasting. There is a number of coffee brewing methods - some of them more and some less demanding our attention and experience. It is always worth making sure, however, that coffee beans are properly ground. Fifty per cent of success lies with proper coffee grinding.


1. Traditional brewing / pour over: what is it, actually?

We have been thinking for a long time about how to refer to the most popular way of coffee brewing in our country. Soaked coffee? Turkish style coffee? We have decided to use the term "traditional" for a reason. We dare to claim that it is the most popular way of brewing coffee in Poland. Each of us has drunk a cup of so prepared coffee at least once in his/her lifetime.

How to grind coffee?
We recommend medium grind. It is really the best choice. The most common mistake is grinding coffee too finely. It results in making the coffee taste too bitterly and prevents more subtle, floral or fruity notes from emerging. Let us not go to extremes, though. Too coarsely ground coffee will not yield its strength, all flavours will be captured inside. A hint for those using other methods: a perfect grind for traditional brewing oscillates between the grind for espresso machine and the grind for filter coffee maker. Fortunately, this method of brewing is not so demanding as the espresso machine, which may simply fail to work. We encourage you to find your golden mean through trial and error.


2. Boiling - in a coffee pot, cezve, ibrik...

A popular method of brewing in the Balkans, Arab and African countries. Coffee is heated on a burner (or on hot sand) and is left to boil three times. Coffee prepared in such a way is poured into small cups and drunk, raising toasts. Depending on the tradition during the ceremony sweet or savoury snacks are served alongside.


How to grind coffee?
Very finely. Purists advise pounding the beans with a pestle and mortar. We do not have the pestle and mortar. For the boiling method of preparation, we grind coffee setting the grinder to a rather fine grind mode.


3. Moka pot / Espresso machine

One of the most popular methods of brewing, with more and more followers. Moka pot is a simplified version of an espresso machine, but the brew made in it is equally strong and rich as the classic espresso.


How to grind coffee?
For moka pots we grind coffee in the same way as for home espresso machines. It is a fine grind, slightly thicker than for the coffee pot boiling. In moka pots the pressure is rather low and too finely ground coffee might block the strainer and stop the brew process.


4. French press, cafetiere..

An exceptional method allowing to extract the natural coffee flavour. Excellent for those in a hurry as well as for those celebrating lazy mornings or afternoons. Depending on the size of this device we can make just one cup or up to one litre of coffee, getting identical results. We recommend this method for those who like intense fruity and floral aroma - using this device we can extract the most subtle flavour notes from our coffee.


How to grind coffee?
Coarsely. Just like for the filter coffee maker, even a bit more coarse, depending on preference. Coffee brews for several minutes and then is separated from the liquid with the strainer attached to the plunger.