Early days


palarka do kawy

The year 2008 was the beginning of our coffee career. It all started with a small, drum coffee roaster from an Israeli producer imported to a tiny place in the centre of Gdansk. A new, compact machine, plenty of tiny, green coffee beans and inspired minds were the initial ingredients of our history. The first attempt - oven was pre-heated, coffee beans counted, the magical roasting time set and the wait began. The outcome was amazingly… disastrous. The whole batch was charred *. The roasting time, unfortunately, proved to be too long, the temperature - too high and the amount of coffee beans - too little. Luckily, we had enough coffee for the exercises and we decided to continue our pursuit to obtain splendid coffee. A new challenge to be beaten.


And we accepted this challenge. We stepped on a long and winding road to get to proper, aromatic and harmonious roast. Too many elements affect the final effect. The oven temperature, the humidity of coffee beans, the heating and cooling profile and, last but not least, the time. Moreover, all those elements were to be perfectly matched. Our stopwatch was ticking and dozens of air-tight containers kept batches of fresh roasted coffee, each consecutive one better than the previous. We, family and friends took turns in testing coffee aroma and we have to admit: the opinions were quite divided. We filled our notebooks with notes, took to heart every comment and remark while trying to modify the roasting profile and improve its effects.



Piec do kawykawa arabika


The roastery in Oliwa


The training period was obviously the preparatory stage before opening our own roastery. We got to open it in the vicinity of Oliwa Park in Gdansk and, to be honest, we couldn’t have found a better place. The park holds real Arabica trees in its giant Palm Glasshouse. This makes it very special for us as we can track and observe coffee from the roots.

At the beginning of 2010 we opened the door of our store where we have been roasting coffee since then, now in a larger machine, but with the same passion and commitment. Each following day and each face we encounter on our way are a part of this beautiful history.



ziarna kawy


What motivates us?


Jedno pytanie wciąż pozostaje otwarte. Co pokierowało nas do rozpoczynania dnia od rozgrzania pieca, gdy sklepowe półki kaw aż pękają w szwach?

One question still remains unanswered. What drove us to start every single day from heating up the roasting drum when the shelves in all shops are full of different brands and types of coffee? Well... imagine a perfect get-together with close friends, a nice morning or an ideal accompaniment to a dessert. Most frequently we associate those moments with coffee, which is with us on all those occasions. Coffee has always been treated as a part of any celebration by all of us and we could not bear the thought that very often the products available in shops were of mediocre quality.

We always believed that we could deliver better coffee flavour than others. But do not get us wrong, we are not delusional or arrogant. We respect the work and achievements of others and we learn from them. Only by cooperation can we constantly develop and improve.


And what does coffee mean to you? Do you care for the best flavour in your cup of coffee as well?



* Those first charred coffee beans will stay in our memory. To everyone who dares to stand by the oven we always say: charring is not a sign of weakness but a mere slip on a way to perfection.