Branded coffee bags

Freshly roasted coffee in an elegant bag is the right choice for a gift for customers, clients or employees. High quality beans sealed in a bag with a brand name, company slogan or an small advert will be remembered for long.

In contrast to other gift ideas, one coffee bag is enough for the office, no need to carry multiple different gadgets just in case.
The coffee can be either ground or in beans.


Offices and restaurants

  • Highest quality taste - from always freshly roasted coffee beans
  • Unique selling point - by offering specialty single-origin coffees
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Increased quality

Offices thrive on coffee and just imagine how much better productivity one would achieve with high quality coffee. We deliver freshly roasted coffees in handy 1kg bags and we can also grind it before, depending on the coffee machine you use. Just ask us for the best beans for your bean-to-cup machine and we will get back to you with an offer.


Let us send you an offer and guide you through our coffees

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