What makes our coffee so special?


We begin with selecting the highest quality coffee beans

Coffee beans are seeds of the coffee tree fruits (in the first picture on the right you can see the coffee fruit split open with the seeds inside). The location where the coffee crops are grown is significant for their distinctive flavour and aroma. We prefer highland coffee growing regions because the coffee fruits ripen longer there developing a much better aroma. Volcanic soils rich in minerals allow the plants to grow better and stay immune to diseases. The method of harvesting crops is also an important factor affecting the quality of coffee beans. Coffee fruits do not ripen evenly, that is why we want only the ripe ones to be picked. The flavour is negatively affected by unripe or overripe beans. 
We carefully consider all those factors while selecting beans for our coffees. In the second picture on the right you can see fresh, even-sized beans of different Arabica varieties. 

We take special care of the roasting process

Our coffee is roasted in a traditional way, in a drum oven. During a slow roasting process coffee gradually develops its subtle aroma. The process lasts about 15 - 20 minutes, depending on the roast degree we want to achieve. The roasting process finishes with putting the beans on a sieve where they are air-cooled. It stops the chemical processes that constitute the roast process. In the third picture you can see our roaster and the beans on the sieve. The process itself takes place inside the machine (in its drum) and the beans are shown here during the air-cooling stage. 


The beans are then picked by hand

There may be unpleasant surprises to be found among coffee beans, such as pebbles, crushed cement or corn. Apart from removing those obvious impurities we also try to get rid of broken, uneven or poorly roasted beans. That is how we make sure that our coffee consists of only the best beans.

After roasting...


Coffee beans are sealed tight in a special bag with a valve to allow them to degas (carbon dioxide comes out of the beans). If required by the customer, the bag is then opened and coffee is ground to his liking (fine grind for pressure brewers and coarse grind for coffee machines with a paper filter). In this way we always have freshly ground coffee at hand.