Strong, thick, earthy and ideal for espresso. The added Robusta ensures the creaminess of the brew. 60% Arabica, 40% Robusta

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Why we recommend this coffee

- it has minimal, pleasant acidity
- produces an ideal, caramel crema
- Espresso coffee blend is our company speciality
- we roast every single ingredient separately
- ideal for making espresso and not only that
- is enriched with the addition of high-quality Robusta
- brew has a chocolatey, earthy flavour; is thick and strong
- its magnificent flavour stays on the taste buds for a long time


Flavour profile 

  Espresso is a blend of carefully selected beans of Arabica and Robusta. Ingredients are combined in such a way to enhance the qualities of particular beans. Brew is strong and thick, with characteristic, slightly earthy flavour. Perfect balance and body, minimum acidity, sweet note and chocolatey bitterness create coffee ideal for making espresso.
  Espresso coffee is made up of high-quality aromatic beans from Central and South America and and the distinctive Robusta beans from India. The combination of Arabica and Robusta resulted in a blend of delicious flavour.
  High content of Robusta adds to the body and caffeine content. This Robusta is very aromatic, does not have high acidity and is the mildest of all Robusta varieties. Beans are darker roasted in order to minimize acidity.

Region of origin

  Espresso coffee was created of a few selected Arabica varieties coming from Central and South America and of high-quality Robusta beans from India.
  Arabica beans come from highland, mountainous and volcanic areas situated in the equatorial zone. Hot and humid climate, dense natural forest cover, highly permeable, fertile soils create excellent conditions for growing high-quality coffee. Altitude of plantations is approx. 900-2000 m above sea level.
  Robusta beans come from southern India. Natural conditions of that region are beneficial: hot and humid tropical climate, highly permeable and fertile soils. Robusta grows here on gentle slopes and hills, under the desired shade of numerous trees. Altitude of plantation: 500-1000 m above sea level.


Recommended way of brewing

  This coffee is well-balanced and has versatile use. It is ideal for pressure coffee makers, especially for making espresso.
  It is excellent to be prepared in every brewing device. Equally good results are obtained from brewing it in the traditional and in the alternative way. Brew prepared in bean-to-cup machine, Chemex or French press will have very expressive flavour and retain more caffeine. Brewed in Aeropress it will also expose its intense chocolatey aroma.
  Brew can be used as a base for any other coffee beverages, also with the addition of milk.

Strength High
Bitterness chocolate
Sweetness caramel
Acidity low
Taste chocolate-caramel
Aroma intense chocolate
Main feature ideal for espresso
Variety 60% Arabica / 40% Robusta


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Strong, thick, earthy and ideal for espresso. The added Robusta ensures the creaminess of the brew. 60% Arabica, 40% Robusta