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    Stovetop coffee brewer made by italian brand Forever - Miss Conny. It's made out of stainless steel and is suitable for use on gas, ceramic, electric and induction hobs. Has wide bottom that makes it easier to use on small burners.

    144,00 zł 179,00 zł
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    Stovetop coffee brewer made by italian brand Forever - Miss Coco. It's made out of aluminium and is suitable for use on gas, ceramic and electric hobs. Makes 3 cups of flavourful coffee.

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  • Oliwska coffee contains the most beautiful aromas coming straight from the Oliwa Park, adjacent to our roasting plant. Hints of chocolate flavour will ease you into the day. 100% Arabica

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    Etiopia Sidamo coffee is distinguished by a rare, outstanding flavour. Has unique, chocolatey flavour with hints of fruit. Comes from the birthplace of Arabica variety. 100% Arabica

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  • This is an original coffee which undergoes the process of so called monsooning. Through that it gets an unique flavour. In addition it is very mild and weak in terms of caffeine. 100% Arabica

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  • Comes from one of the most well-known for coffee growing regions. Has low acidity, good body with chocolate notes. It makes an outstanding morning espresso. 100% Arabica

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Freshly roasted coffee has been our main advantage since years. Our long roasting experience gives us the ability to offer the best quality and meet the highest expectations.


Mild and intensive

Slowly roasted coffee has a wonderful, long lasting aroma with a very mild aftertaste.